Provincial Employment Strategy Committee



  • The purpose of the Provincial Employment Strategy Committee is to develop and implement educational strategies for training, retraining and re-employment of Employees to meet current and future human resources needs and to provide employment security. The Employer agrees to deduct the Employees’ share of the Employment Insurance rebate and match that deduction and forward to the Employment Strategy Committee those monies on a monthly basis.
  • To provide current CUPE Local 5430 employees employment security through the mandate of the committee.


  • Establish program direction, action strategies and policies and procedures;
  • Review and approve the payment of requests as appropriate;
  • Determine signing authorities for financial and operational needs;
  • Prepare and publish a monthly financial statement;
  • Prepare and publish an Annual Operations Report, as detailed below;
  • Contract an independent auditor to produce a yearly audited financial statement for the program;
  • Develop and maintain an adequate information system to support the committee’s needs;
  • Establish an appeals process related to funding requests; and
  • Address proactive processes that support a representational workforce which shall include, but not be limited to, identifying employment opportunities, education and training, and preparing workplaces.

Annual Operations Report:

  • The Annual Operations Report shall cover the fiscal period of April 1st to March 31st.
  • The Committee shall provide an Annual Operations Report by September 1st of each year including an annual operations statement, educational expenditures (program specific) and educational strategies implemented to meet current and future human resources needs, etc. to each Employer (Saskatchewan Health Authority and Affiliates), each Local of the Union and the CUPE Health Care Council (CUPE Local 5430), and SAHO.

Committee Structure:

  • Chairperson - will rotate between Union and Employer Committee members effective April 1st of odd numbered years. The Chairperson’s term shall be for two (2) years.
  • Administrative Support – the Provincial Employment Strategy Committee Office Administrative Assistant will provide administrative support.
  • Membership – comprised of ten (10) voting members and two (2) non-voting advisors, for a term of at least two (2) years:
    • five (5) appointees from the CUPE Local 5430, or named alternates;
    • five (5) appointees from the Saskatchewan Health Authority and Affiliates, or named alternates;
    • one (1) advisor from CUPE or named alternate; and
    • one (1) advisor from SAHO or named alternate.
  • Quorum – will be at least three (3) CUPE voting members and at least three (3) Employer voting members.


  • Decision-making – will be determined by the majority of all voting committee members.


  • Meetings and/or WebEx’s shall be held quarterly, or at the call of the chair.
  • Minutes shall be distributed to the members of the committee.

Terms of Reference Review Period:

  • The Terms of Reference will be reviewed every two (2) years.

Revised March 26, 2024

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